er wiZoe is the wife of Nick, They Make The Couple name of Zick She is also the mother of Jesse, Mikayla, and Jack. Zoe is the Queen of Saiyans and makes half of the rules on Saiya. She is a nice woman and is 33. She still looks flawless and like she is still 16. She helps her Husband out and heals him when he is ever hurt. She appears in most of the episodes and will risk her life to save the ones she cares about. She is extremely strong, and has developed a close friendship with Jesse, despite the fact he is evil. She loves Cakes and Brownies and can never get fat she always stays thin because she is a Saiyan. She is very fashionable and always buys clothes. In one of the episode's when she woke up Chrissy scared her when she said hi and then zoe blasted her.