This Electronics Store Sells Of Course Electronics, Like Laptops, TV's And More That Has To Do With Electronics, The Store Has The Most Cheapest Prices For Electronics In Whitechapel, Mostly Remy Recardo, Goes There Cause He Is A Big Geek, He Creates Inventions And When Hes Done With Them He Donates Them To The Electronics Store In Whitechapel, He Says It Helps More For Others, He Creates Like 200 Of Those Inventions And Donates Them, He Has A Whole Factory That Makes The Electronics, He Is A Worker At The Electronics Store, He Got Hired After He Made His First Invention There The Ultra Super Phone, With Lots Of Fun Apps, He Works With A Fat Ass Hector Garcia Who Eats All His Inventions Sometimes, But The Electronics Store Thinks Remy Is A Very Good Worker.

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