waffle is a werewolf he's the dumbest of the group. he has three forms human mid werewolf mid human and full werewolf. He is best friends with ethan. His girlfriend is sara reese. he is the tallest of the group. when he is on full werewolf he cant control what he does he usally only turns it when he is really hungry or angry but he is able to turn full werewolf if he chooses. when he is on mid werewolf mid human he looks like a werewolf mixed with human him he is able to talk on that form unlike full werewolf form when he is on mid form he has some self control he is able to keep himself frome eating humans on that form. He doesnt like eating humans so instead he eats animals. He is nice but sometimes he does mean things but only cause he is dumb and he doesnt no wat he is doing is wrong. He is the strongest of them all. He use to be a short weak wimpy nerd with a high anoying voice and alot of zits. Until he gets bit by a werewolf than he becomes a tall strong good looking cool kid even though he is now popular he still hangs out with his old friends. He is a skater. He will start dating the most popular girl in school donna in the new season.

Although he doesnt want to be a singer waffles has an amazing singing voice.

His voice sounds exactly like Neil Patrick Harris voice.

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