Vampires A Evil Person With Fangs, A Vampire Starts Off As A Human, Who Gets Bit By This Fanged Creature, Once After All The Venon Is In Your Body, You Grow Fangs And Become A Vampire Too, You Can Still Be A Good Vampire, But Your Dead As A Vampire But Still Alive A Little, Vampires Are Pale, For All The Vampires In The Series Go Here Vampires In The Series, A Vampire Has Powers Like Telekinesis, They Can Hear From Far Away, They Can See In The Dark, And More, Vampries Have Many Powers, But The One Thing Vampires Need In 28 Days Is Blood, You See When You Get Bit You Turned Into A Fledgling, A Fledgling Is A Vampire Who Isnt A Full Vampire, You Have 28 Days To Drink Blood Which Turns You Into A Real Vampire, Which There Is No Way To Turn Human Again After You Are A Full Vampire, When You Drink The Blood Even A Tiny Bit, You Turn Into A Full One.......

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