The penguins are a group of commando penguins who do stuff like help the zoo ,new york city, and defeating dr blowhole. the penguins are Skipper, Kowalski,Rico, and Private. tehy have their own sideplot in the rp series although never officially met the rest of the cast besides Dr.Blowhole. although they have seen waffles many time cause he goes to the zoo all the time (and drags the rest with him) none of the rest of the cast besides waffle have met the penguins either.

Waffles seen the penguins for a minute in Waffle the illigel skateboarder but didnt see them good cause h was spinning on his skateboard cause of them.

he saw them briefly when Dr.blowhole was taking over the city with his music player waffles saw the penguins slide on their bellies until they hid behind a mailbox.

He also saw them when they stop the robot clones mfrom taking over city by blowing up the building but couldnt see them anymore behind all the smoke.

Also..They appear in Madagascar 1 and Madagascar 2..It's really unknown if They appear in Madagascar 3 or not!....

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