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Star is a character in MBSAVSP RP. Star is rather tall. She wears jeans (in the summer, jean shorts) and a blue shirt with several different stars on it.

She also has many magical abilitys,such as turning into a platypus. Shes an agent, and works for the O.W.C.A. And sometimes, she wears a purple scarf.

File:Star the platypus.jpg

File:Star the agent platypus.jpg

Early LifeEdit

Nobody knows

about it. Even her parents won't tell her. Someone keeps saying she's an alien,but she keeps denying.

Present LifeEdit

Star happily lives in Whitechaple with her sister McKenna. She has a crush on Freddy Mann, the boy who lives across the street from her. She goes to Whitechaple High school.

Future LifeEdit

She dies stopping WW3. If you want an explanation,I don't have one.

Memorable QuotesEdit

( *Slaps(insert random name)* *pause* "Well,That was ironic."

"That was too ronic."

"I cannot say what I just quoted, because it was from an unknown movie..."


( *facepalm* "You IDIOT!" "Nice. Now leave me alone. I need to sleep."

Fun FactsEdit

  • She LOVES donuts.
  • She is subject to randomness at all times. (Just like me!)
  • She has a weakness to shiny-ooooohhh....shiny.....
  • She loves cheese. (Again, just like me. )
  • She does NOT get nauseous when hanging upside-down.
  • Might have a sibling,might not.


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