Sonic x cms big
Sonic The hedgehog is the fastest and main prontagonist of Sonic Series!...This is the fastest hedgehog in the known demand!........Also because of his shoes

You can imagine his speed it may 454674 Kilometers/hours that's really fast!!!!!!!

This hedgehog loves Flower!..speed and always defeating robotink!...he friended with his friend like Tails,Knuckles and more!...Even you have Rocket to fly!..this hedgehog can run 3 times faster than 1 rocket which is really cool!!!!!

In Some games they appeared with Mario in 3 Olympic games!...

Sonic had an appearnce in Sonic generations to celebrate his 20 years old for video gaming!

he appeared on super smash bros brawl as a playable character..

His special power in super smash bros brawl is turning inot goal and attacking people head on.

Sonic is in games like Sonic Unleashed, Sonic and the secret rings, Sonic rush adventure and many many more. Compared to other sonic the hedgehog characters he seems to be the one who is always on the go or always in the mood for a chili dog or two..[[Category: ]]