"Why do we fight when we can give life?"



Date of Birth

February 20, 1997

Resides in



Student, cashier

Eye color


Hair color



Whitechapel High School


Snow mockingbird

Sapphire Drift is an aquatic pixie who inhabited the Arctic Ocean in a glacier. After a terrible accident with her glacier, she had to migrate to a less colder climate, which was Canada. When she flies over to Whitechapel High School, she becomes a student.


Sapphire is very peaceful and understanding. She is mostly quiet but very friendly. She may be seen as intimidating but she is kind and sympathetic. Sapphire is found to be generous and good with words. However, she is quite dumb and an easy target. Overtime, she overlooks these things as "accidents".


Sapphire has a pale skintone but cold undertone. She has big dark blue eyes with thick eyelashes. She has thin lips that curves into a type of smile regardless. Her snow white hair is bouncy and tucked over one shoulder. Her bangs are long and curves to the right. Her white dress consists of a sweetheart neckline, a golden belt around the ribs, and ruffled and laced ends. On her left side is a big bundled bow of her remaining dress the drapes into silk down her white leggings and across white blue-flowered high heels. Her pixie wings greatly resemble a butterfly's and has blue veins meeting the other side with a patterned orange sun shining against tattered green grass and white dandelions.


Sapphire has the power to shift into a smaller size and roam high and far with her wings. She can spread toxic pixie dust that when inhaled, it would clog the lungs and knock them unconscious if enough travels into the system. Her final power relies on the resource of water nearby where she can utilize it and gravitationally use it against the enemy.

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