"Μου αρέσει δαίμονες μου (I like my demons)"



Date of Birth

October 25, 1997

Resides in



Student, barista

Eye Color


Hair Color



Whitechapel High School


Black fox

Sabathiel Burech is an abandoned angel from the heavens of Ariputos. Left in the Church of Urakthes, she fell to Earth and into Whitechapel High School.


Sabathiel is not a particularly nice person. Her temper easily rises and her hostility to strangers contributes to the reason why she felt she was not needed in Ariputos. She is greatly independent and if her order(s) goes wrong, she doesn't mind doing it instead. Sabathiel is strict and straightforward with high standards in her mind. She will not repeat orders and expects an effort. Sabathiel would occasionally crack a smile only if it pleases her or interests her.


Sabathiel has pale skin and brown narrow eyes with especially long eyelashes. She sports natural teal hair tied into a bun with bangs hanging downs the sides of her face. She wears subtle red lipstick and a gray, black, and white half checkered-half plain lolita dress. Wearing thick black fishnet leggings, she finishes off with white high heels to complement her black and teal wings.


Sabathiel has many powers based on her being a dark angel. One of her powers includes singing in a low but frightening tune causing the sight of the victim to fail. Another is flying far with her angel wings; unfortunately, they can not fly high because of her weight. Her third ability is to turn invisible as long as she maintains her temper. This is quite rare because Sabathiel is not good at managing her anger. Her last ability is to summon her inner demonic fox and let it take control of her, creating rampage.

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