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Planet Saiya is the home-planet to all of the Saiyans. Nick, Zoe, Jesse, and Jack is the royal family. The Saiyans have fighting in their blood and can have a power level of 50,000 when they are born. The Saiyans are an aggresive race and follow their King and Queen. The princes and princesses also have people following them. If you are human you will be welcomed by some not all and the manager of the royal hotel will kick you out if you're human. You can only be Saiyan and know the royal family. Mike is going to be a plumber if he's going to be on this planet! Similiarity to mushroom kingdom! Where Mario was a plumber in there! Also Many nintendo Characters are trapped in this planet!

There's a possible reason that This Planet will be held By Dr.Zomboss in future..It's possible he'll attack with big deal to this planet!!!

Once an evil waffle clone tried to take it over but original Waffle beat it befor it could.

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