Student at Whitechapel High


Erica, Ethan, Benny, Rory Ulrich Sarah, Mike, Cameron

Love interests

Sarah Chrissy Hannah Price Crystal

Odd is a guy in my baby sitters a vampire roleplay. He is a vampire and protects his friends at all costs. odd also loves sarah.And he has a lot of super forms hes a Saiyan but he just doesint use that from that much Odd is one of the most powerful vampire ever he has a lot of G-shocks He has Rich Shoes like Jordans Nikes and more and he is not secared of maxine.In the episode Zombies Atack he got a new form called Zombie Odd and got Kuji Odd and More making him the most danguros vmapire alive He doesent ware the chluth that hes weraing in the pics he wears a shirt in the fornt it says Im AWSOME and in the back it saysYOU ARE NOT! and Bule Skinny Jeans a Bule G Shock and he has Ear pearcies and He has a Mohawk is hair is Red in the fornt and bule in the back and yellow and black in the middle.Odd has been arrested 15 times.thumb|300px|right|Odds Favorrite Song And the Horse he rode is On (if you think its lame listen to it then tell me)
File:Face sequence 9.jpg

Odd before becomming a vampire


Super Saiyan Odd

File:Ghost freak Odd.jpg

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