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As Super Saiyan

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Nick is a character in the My Babysitter's a Vampire Spin Off role play. He is a strong guy and can be mean at somepoints. He is Erica and Selly's brother and is also a Saiyan. He has two children and is the husband of Zoe, or couple name Zick. He was neglected by his parents when his first sister was born and they forced him out. He taught himself for 13 years and is a vampire as well he was bit at the age of 13 and is at the age of 36 now, is flawless, and looks like he still looks like he is 16. He can be evil at times when he has to much rage. His chidren are Jesse, Jack,and Mikayla and him mother is Mrs. Lynn. He helped Chrissy find her parents and brought her dad back to life twice. He has a lot of tr
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ansformations like turning into a giant ape when he looks at the full moon. He holds the Crimson Dragon inside of him along with other beasts he holds. He is very powerful and he attacks when you get him mad. He has a sword he traded in.
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Zoe-Zoe is Nick's first love and they have loved each other since childhood. They are currently married and have 3 kids. Zoe has never betrayed Nick and loves him very much. When Nick was a small child he had huge crush on Zoe and was scared to talk to her. He didn't know that she liked him as well. Nick finally gained the guts to ask her out and she said yes.

Jesse-Jesse is his first son and Nick cares for him. When Jesse does bad stuff Nick would use his power against Jesse until Jesse calmed down.

Jack-Same as Jesse

Mikayla-Nick loves Mikayla and would never hurt her. When she was a baby he loved her and when she transformed into a Great Ape, he was the one to revert her by pulling her tail.

Mike-There's no Releationship between him and Mike...Only 2 things about them is,He Stopped Jesse from killing mike and mike told him how much Dr.Zomboss Has powers..Then Nick Replied He has so much powers that even He can't defeat him!