Mikey is a friend of Ethan's. He was turned into a vampire by Rory. He is known for dating Erica.


  • Ethan: Ethan and Mikey are friends. Mikey was formerley one of their nerd friends until he was bit by Rory and became a vampire. They are still really great friends.
  • Benny: Mikey and Benny, like Ethan, are also good friends. Mikey and Benny are normally seen standing next to each other.
  • Sarah: Not much is known about Mikey and Sarah's friendship, but Mikey dates her best friend, Erica.
  • Jane: Being Ethan's little sister, Jane knows Mikey. It is possible that she has a crush on him.
  • Rory: Although being friends, Rory has a crush on Mikey's girlfriend Erica. Despite this, they are friends.
  • Jadus: Mikey and Jadus fight but are good friends.
  • Jesse: Before he found out he was evil, Mikey was his friend. Now, he fights him and protects Erica from him.
  • Gord: Same as Jesse.
  • Erica: His girlfriend, whom of which he loves a lot.