Mike is one of the funniest and one of the main characters in MY BABYSITTER'S A VAMPIRE SPINOFF.

He has disorder in past and hasn't already solved yet!

It's confimred Mike's Disorder Bilopar will resolve In later series and Wil be one of the persons which everyone like him!

Also It was confirmed Mike was actually a vampire!...Also these current series revealed mike's Vampire status! He was a plumber on Planet Saiya.


Mike was born in Iceberg. When he was baby, he had to left his parents because His father was Main Antagonist's Boss! And Doctor was originally going to be the boss but mike's father was confimred to be his father! Then Doctor Send many guards to kill their parents (actually they were freezed) Mike had to go to a local hospital and sent by a jackpot, he didn't see his parents until Saw them and they revealed they're actually Vampire and mike's too And it was revealed mike's family was one of the most famous vampire family in universe!



Vampire:868 {His parents said to him he has 868 ages in vampires!..It's really unknown why mike has this age}


While Mike likes some chicks and dudes! there are some girls here:

Aelita:Mike hasn't Really like her,but he likes be with her as a friend And Aelita has much crush on Mike It's Unknown what happend There releationship

Zoey:This Red haired girl has much crush on mike and he has feelings for her!...And was a releationship TDRI! it was revealed that zoey cheated on mike to be with scott!..and this releationship has officialy broken up!

Chrissy:Although Chirssy hates Mike for unknown reasosn!..but mike has much feeling for her and even more than zoey's!....It's really unknown if mike has releationship with chrissy or not! chrissy likes his powers just not his personality.

Ethan:Ethan and mike are somehow best friends same as cameron and him!...Mike always saved Ethan and some from Danger situation!

Kim:When Kim was alone,Mike was in love with her cause she's hot and Kim was in love with him too..they makeout so many times!!'s revealed Mike and Kim Are couples for now!!!


1-He had also similiary to Owen because he's funny,cool

2-He's a mix of Noah and cody

3-Chrissy and mike's Releationship's is similiary to Cody and Gwen's Relationship!....Cause Cody is in love with gwen,but she just likes cody as her friend!...Chrissy likes mike as a friend!..also mike's in love with chrissy

4-Him Odd and Ulrich Hang out alot