Do you guys want to learn how to make words with colors? Here are some things you need to know while doing this. First, is the colors you can use.

  1. seagreen
  2. aqua
  3. black
  4. blood
  5. brown
  6. blue
  7. chartreuse
  8. dandelion
  9. darkorange
  10. darkpink
  11. darkviolet
  12. deeppink
  13. gray
  14. green
  15. darkpink
  16. hotpink
  17. indigo
  18. lightblue
  19. lightsalmon
  20. lime
  21. limegreen
  22. orange
  23. pink
  24. purple
  25. red
  26. redorange
  27. sienna
  28. silver
  29. skyblue
  30. tan
  31. tomato
  32. turquoise
  33. violet
  34. yellow

In order to use these colors, you must use the code. This will work for anything. These colors could help you with designing anything. I hope this helped some users in need of knowing what colors they can use. :)

NOTE: I can't really put down the code, so you're just going to have to ask me on the chat.

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