NSMBwii koopalings

Koopalings Are children of bowser along with Bowser jr!...They 1st appeared in SMB3 and then after 21 years!..they returned in NSMBW!!!!.....they status after NSMBW is certainly unknown! It's confimed later Dr.Zomboss Will Rebirth them more powerfull!And will promise to defeat mario brothers and mike!!!

This Order is the order of the birthday from eldest to youngest!

Larry Koopa

Morton Koopa Jr.

Wendy Koopa

Iggy Koopa

Roy Koopa

Lemmy Koopa

Ludwig Von Koopa


1-We love being Mean!..


1-The Birth order of Koopalings are the same order as Super Mario Bros 3's Boss Order from World 1 to World 7!

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