Johnny Test is 8 years Old he likes jane and jane likes him too Jane said to crhissy that he is So hot!

Jonathan Test
Voice Actor James Arnold Taylor
Age 8
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Friends Dukey

Susan Test Mary Test Bling-Bling Boy (sometimes) Gil Nexdor Jillian Vegan Mr. Black Mr. White

Enemies Bumper Randalls

Sissy Blakely Bling-Bling Boy (sometimes) Dark Vegan Wacko Zizrar the Mole King Mr. Mittens

Relationships Jillian Vegan (One-sided relationship, on her side)Sissy Blakely (mostly a rivalry, but they are sometimes attracted to each other; full relationship in Saturday Night's Alright for Johnny)

Janet Nelson Jr. (One-sided relationship, on his side, with slight signs of attraction from her too

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