Jesse's Lair He Had When He Was Evil In Past Episodes, He Turned Good Later On And His Lair Was Where He Used To Do His Evil Stuff, Jesse Only Had His Lair For A Short Time Until He Gave It Up To Gord His Used To Be Evil Assistant, Gord Hasnt Gave Up Being Evil, Being A Vampire Is Fun For Gord, He Wont Stop Being Evil No Matter What Anyone Tells Him, Cody Thinks He Is Corbin Bleu, Along With Everyone Else, Even Vampires Cant Tell Hes Gord Not Corbin Bleu, Gord Is One Of The Most Evil Villans Now Since Jesse Retired, Jesse Is Sometimes Evil But Not As Much As In The Past, Jesse Still Studys Evil, Wants To Kill Chrissy, So He May Be Evil He May Not Be Evil, Hes Kinda Like Half-Villan, But His Lair Gives Him All The Help He Needs, He Keeps His Rock With A J Fang Mark In It Next To His Papers And Bite Lists, Jesse Does Use It Sometimes Still, But Gord Fully Owns It Now, Jesse Just Comes In For Some Extra Stuff, And On Gords Bite List It Shows Cody Is On It For Wanting Gords Autograph All The Time, He Plans To Bite Him But Cody Somehow Thinks Hes Corbin Bleu, Cody Is Just A Human He Found Out About The Lair And Saved Russel From Staying A Rat, When Jesse Turned Him Into One, Cody Walked In His Lair, Cody Still Dosnt Know About Immortal Creatures, Like Vampires And Stuff, The Setting Is Alll Gothic And Stuff Vampires Would Like, With Dusk, Twilight And My Babysitters A Vampire Posters.

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