Jesse is the son of Nick and Zoe and brother of Jack and Mikayla. His future self was evil and looked different but was destroyed and his present self life. He is a Saiyan just like his mother, father, and brother. His brother came from the future after defeating the evil version of his brother. Jesse ages very quickly and is a born vampire like his brother. His current girlfriend is Jenna and his ex was Fasha. He still shows affection towards Fasha and she still shows a large amount of affection towards him. For example she kissed him 3 times in about 10 minutes because she was going to a dangerous place. He is a hero but can sometimes come out as a villian. Jesse is really strong and really tough. The relationship between Jesse and Chrissy ended. He is a main character in this series just like the rest of his family. Mike Was Argue to him when he had releationship with chrissy! Because he mike feelings for her,It's really possible Mike And Jesse fight together like Cat and Dog!

Regular Jesse

Jesse was going to nearly kill him in one of the episodes! He is a cool character.