On MBAV spinoff RP...Jane Morgan is the brother of Ethan and the adopted sisters chrissy and selly , given birth by the parents of Samatha/Ross Morgan with the joy of their little puppy Dipin Dot. Her cuz comes to town now and then but, everyone has to hide their powers because anne-marie dosent believe in them. She is a full Vampire thanks to Nick lynn and now she tries to kill the lynn family except for her adopted sister selly and halfe friend erica. She loves Debi dazle dolls and many more, mall shopping, Making blood cupakes and playing with her brothers friend benny's potions and spellbook.(she takes the spellbook alot from benny.)
Jane Morgan
Gender: Female Vampire
Age: 8
Nationality: American
Friends and Family
Samantha Morgan (mother)
Ross Morgan (father)


Adopted sisters Selly and Chrissy