Gender Female
Hair color Orange
Eye color Green
Relationship Owen (broken up), Justin (broken up),
Family Mother, Father, Brother, Grandfather, Uncle (the names are unknown), Mavis (great-grandmother, deceased)
Friends Owen, Noah,Mike, Ann
Enemies Justin, Dr.Zomboss, Mikeevil
Fear Flying (conquered), Getting caught by the RCMP
Talent Snake dancing, Making bicycles, Pulling back her eyelids, Rolling her eyes into the back of her head, Blowing stuff up, Making bases, Nature survival, Martial arts, Dancing , Double jointing her elbows, Twirling fire batons, Speaking Camel
Nicknames Psycho Hose Beast, Crazy Girl, Basket Case; E-Scope, Esquire, Explosivo, Brainzilla; Sargent E-Scope; Iz, My Little Izzy, Izzy the Gopher; Little Miss Crazy, Miss Weird and Weirder; Nutsie

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