Doctor Edgar Zomboss or Dr.Zomboss Is the main antagonist of The Series!...he has a broken heart to defeat everyone Even His Minions!..Dr.Zomboss is one of the Devil Sprite of Universe!....He's More powerful than anyone in series !....Later!.it's revealed he has some lines to mike! means!....Father's Mike was Dr.Zomboss's Boss after the goverment accepts Father will boss in iceberg! day he sends some soilder to freeze Mike's Parents!...After 16 years!...He was defeated by Mike and this funny boy brings back his parents!...Dr.Zomboss has not shown for now! The person who even had a chance of beating him was wolf trained Chad, but he was extremely injured after the battle, and the loss.

It Could Be Possible That He will Fight One of the Main Heroes In Finale {Unknown Date}


1-He's The Strongest Villain in This Series {Even More than Saiyan's King,Nick}

2-He Can't be defeated by anything Until Finale