Dr.Robotink or Dr.Egg man is the main antagonist of Sonic the hedgehog Series! This evil large doctor wants to destroy the earth with his badniks! He made many dangrous invasions and his arch enemy, Sonic always defeated this poor doctor! By far! he appeared in some of the episodes! But it's confirmed

He will have more appearences in future!

One of his favorite quote is PIGNAS! He says this word more in Youtube poops.



Sonic Edit

It's revealed in 1st game this doctor and the blue hedgehog have many conflict and Sonic had always fights Egg Man to save the earth!


Not Much! But he lied to knuckles sonic stealing chaos emerald! So

Knuckles was rude to sonic because of Dr.Eggman
Dr. Robotnik


1-{SnooPING AS usual, I see.} by Dr.Eggman

Fav movies

The Amazing Pignas man

Inspector Pignas

Super Pignas Brothers

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