Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Relationship Sierra (One-Sided on Cody's side) Still in love with Gwen (and might be crushing on Noah!!!!)
Family Father, Aunt, Mother
Friends Noah, Ann,Trent, Justin, Owen,Mike
Enemies Alejandro,


Fear Defusing a time bomb under pressure, Bears
Talent Piano, Electronics, Dodgeball, Intricate knot-tying,Crushing on Chicks
Nicknames Codester; Codemeister; Short Stuff; Pipsqueak; Dorkus; Little Twerp; Bunny Face; Cody-Wody; Sugar-frosted Codeo; Codykins; Coco; Cody-bunny Candy-kins; Twerp; Nerd Face; Mr. Popular, Just Another Geek, Cody Wody (only by Sierra)

File:8-bit Cody.jpg

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