Chelly is the romantic pairing between Chad, and Selly. The two were good friends, and the relationship was talked about when Selly kissed Chad on the cheek for saving her life while she was still in a relationship with Benny. Later on Chad helped her get through her break-up with Benny, and the two became closer. After an eventful day at the beach, where Chad continued talking about how hot Selly was in a bikini, she kissed him on the lips, for the first time. The two almost always gretted each other afterword kissing on the lips, and did so many other times. They were forced to break-up when Chad began his training because Selly didn't want a long distance relationship. Though they are broken up they both still have feelings for each other because when Chad and Chrissy wanted to hang out alone. Selly was obiously disturbed as she spyed on them and attacked Chrissy afterward. Currently they are not together and Selly is now avidly pursing Ethan.

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