Callidora was a small city girl who lived with her 5 siblings. She worked hard. She was extremely bossy and mean. But she would do anything to get the money she needed and wanted. When Callidora once strolled around in the park at night, then a vampire bit her. She has now turned to the opposite. She is now a gentle, sweet, and kind girl. The vampire who bit her had a special venom that changed a prey's mood or personality. She's known Jadus for a whole year, and has been very obnoxious to her. Yet to say, she accepts Jadus as a friend.

She can shoot light or energy spheres from her hands and do mroe crazy, magical stuff. She is not like any other vampire. She happens to be a vegan vampire. Callidora may have her moments, but she doesn't really care unless she's in a certain situation.

More to be spoken.......

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