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Buu is one of the reccuring characters in My Babysitter's a Vampire Spin Off Role play. He is the brother of Nick, Erica and Selly. Uncle of Jesse and Jack, son of Mrs. Lynn, cousin of Jarred, and brother in law to Zoe. He is a very powerful Saiyan and escaped his pod to Earth and became a villian. He is 38 years old and cares about his Brother very much. He cares for everyone in his family. He hasn't been seen in a while. He may be living on a different planet such as Venus, Pluto, Mars, Saiyans. Or he might be living on the peaceful Planet Namek with the Namekians and the Dragon Balls. He is extremely evil because though he was born into a family of saiyans and vampires all these powers skipped over him. He has achieved vampire and saiyan like abilities by draining powers from others. No one knows where he lives though many suspect he works with Bowser in Bowser's Castle.