Bucky luthers pic for mbsavso


Bucky is the father of waffles and josh luthers he got diane luthers pregnant at 16 and left than 3 years later returned got diane pregnant agian and left again. Waffles has never met his father and josh has only known him for a week when he was three and has no memory of it. He appears in the episode Waffles Dad where waffles finally meets his dad it turns out bucky became a big succsess after getting diane pregnant. He won the lottery and used his money to open a chain of laundrymats. Finding out about this Waffles furiose at his dad for not helping his family out waffle punches bucky knoking out his two front teeth. Waffle told him he is happy Bucky isnt in his life and tells him he doesnt want to see him again. Bucky will most likely make more appearences.

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