This Is The Blood Bank Where Vampires Cash In Blood To Earn More Blood To Drink, You Can Also Turn Into A Vampire By Going Here, You Walk In, Sign Papers, And Get Bit By Someone, And You Turn Into Their Midnight Snack, Then You Will Die Wake Up Later, And Become A Demon Of The Night, You Will Soon Grow Fangs, Then You Can Start Cashing In Bloods, But If A Vampire Hunter Is In There Or Someone Who Is Banned, You Will Get Bit Cause You Trasspassed, And They Bite You Anyways, Then You Can Get Unbanned If You Get Bitten, Your Banned Forever If You Dont Get Bit You Cant Walk In Even One Foot In The Blood Bank You Are Bitten From Behind, There Is 5 Known Workers At The Blood Bank Known They Are.

  1. Jesse
  2. Erica
  3. Gord
  4. Annie
  5. Older Nurse
Those Are 5 Workers In There, There May Be More, But, Its Unkown Who The Other Workers Are If There Is Others, Ethan Once Worked There In A Episode, The Blood Bank Is The #1 Place In Whitechapel For Vampires, And Gothics And People Who Wanna Be Vampires, Its In The Underground So Humans Dont See It, Unless Your A Human Who Knows About Vampires, And To Even Walk In You Have To Donate A Pint Of Blood Everytime Unless You Are A Vampire, Cause Vampires Dont Have Blood But Only In The Funny Bone, Its Located In The Far Downtown Area Of Whitechapel, For Info On The Regular Whitechapel Bank Go Here Whitechapel Bank.

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